John Mahama Blamed Donald Trump for US Wildfires after he Withdrew from the Climate change Agreement

According to John Mahama on his facebook wall, 11 September 2020, it reads: “I’ve been watching CNN reports of fire raging across twelve Western US States. This has covered the whole western seaboard in smoke and haze.”

Though not much attention has been given to this wildfires on US, the pandemic has taken over our news portals.
He continued that, also this year, dust from the Sahara Desert blew across the Atlantic and reached as far as the United States.

Nature can never be understood. Whereas water is flooding is killing people in Africa, fire is somewhere killimg other people.

He added that “more hurricanes and typhoons are being born due to warming of the seas and these are pounding the Carribean and US, and on the other side of the world, Asian and SE Asian nations.”

He then laments that “It is difficult to understand how the US Government does not see that its withdrawal from the Climate Change Agreement and subsequent repeal of regulations limiting emissions and other environmental controls threaten our whole planet and the US itself.”

And it abdicates its leadership role in the fight against climate change, Jm said. This is indirectly blaming the reskless leadership of Donald Trump.

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