It Was A Fire: Comfution Between A Police CID And Captain Smart On Radio.

Another blessed day as we all watched Captain Smart Anopa Bofo) as a renowned Ghanaian presenter and a host of Angel TV, Anopa Bofo) show.
The indefatigable Nana Captain Smart, interviewed a man who’s car was stolen without and good information from the police as he reported the case.

So this man came to Angel TV, Captain Smart show and he was interviewed by Captain.

According to the man he narrated everything that happened and what he went through without the support of the security force so it pains this man and couldn’t hold on for the police to bring out good results for his Lost car.

This man was very angry with what happened to him. Because he claimed we’ re being protected by the police but he’s surprised that the police ignored his case for further reach.
In this that,Nana Captain Smart the indefatigable host interviewed a police CID or radio.while interviewing the Officer he couldn’t let Captain to talk and wanted to be listening by everyone.
This mounted a pressure on Nana Captain Smart,to him he doesn’t want to be listening by the force argusation the man is forcing on the security Force.

Captain Smart was very angry and he was calmed down by a colleague of which captain told the officer should stop the plenty talking and work as a crime officer. 

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