Immortal caged in water

Strings in his voice box vibrate always yet no word is heard
Action and movements speak louder than his voice ever could
Yet they do not see it
Surrounded by multitudes yet alone

His everyday anthem screaming, can somebody help me
Every morning he gets up, he wakes up with a broken heart
Can someone please help him
Someone call 911

Explain to them that he gives up
This boy is about to self destruct
Somebody help him, he sinks with every passing second.

Gasping for breath yet it sounds like giggles to those around him
He doesn’t care if the morning light doesn’t shine on his face no more

He wouldn’t care, he has always been locked and his key thrown away
But now he doesn’t care
Cos he is still sinking, and he doesn’t care when he finally settles on the surface of the water he’s sinking in.

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