If you want to earn money online read this! Best simple ways to earn money online with just your phone or laptop.

This earning is accepted in all the countries in the world. You must do it accordingly. And you can be rich from it!! You can earn $1000 per month.

In Ghana, online business is scarce. It is very difficult to get a legit online platform that pays. Today I am going to show you how I make money online. First of all follow me, share and comment on my articles. Thank you.

Below are the lists of how I earn money online whiles in the world.

1. YouTube:

YouTube is one of the best way celebrities also get money. YouTube is an online platform that pays you for uploading your videos. In other for you to qualify for monetization, you must get thousand subscribers. YouTube is one of the legit ways to earn if you are really want to earn online.

  In other to create a YouTube channel, you must get a valid Gmail account. Please take note that if your Gmail is not legit you will be at risk. The first payment from YouTube is 100 dollars.  An individual can earn over thousand dollars for just uploading videos on YouTube.

2. Blogger:

Blogging is one of the best ways to make your own money online. This site pays you for writing your own articles. In other for you to be verified you must get 1000 views on an article.

Someone may ask how will they get the money to pay. Actually, when you are verified and monetized, there will be goggle ads on your articles. The ads generate an income anytime someone clicks on your article. Payment do not have limit on this site. The more you upload your articles in your blog shows your income.

3. Cryptotab:

Cryptotab is a browser that pays you for using their app. In this app, you can start mining free bitcoins per month. After you have get your bitcoins, you can withdraw it and sell it online.

If you want to sell your crypto currencies especially bitcoins, you can sell it on “PAXFUL”. Paxful is an online platform that exchange crypto currencies to other form of money. For an example, if you get one bitcoin you can sell it for 68,100 Ghana Cedi. Bitcoins are very expensive. You can earn over 5000 Cedi`s per month for using the site. The link for downloading the cryptotab browser is giving below.


5. Bitcoin games:

I usually get some money for just playing games. Games such as bitcoin food fight, bitcoin blocks and bitcoin solitaire pays for playing games. The games are produced by a company which is titled as “Bling”.

The point that you get from the games will be generated as a bitcoin. In other to withdraw the coins, you must have a coin-base account. A coin-base is an online cryptocurrency wallet.

6. Forex trading:

This platform is in a form of investment. In other for you to start forex trading, you must read and understand the concept of trading. This is because you can lose or gain in this platform. This is one of the best way investors generate their income.

The above list shows how I earn over 1000 Ghana Cedi’s per month. I hope you learn something from it. In-case if you have any issues alongside what I wrote, you can ask questions. If you take it serious, you can earn more than thousand Ghana Cedi`s.

Please take note that most of the jobs mentioned can be done in any country. Except the opera news hub which is for only Africans.

Thank you for your time. Share, comment and follow me for more interesting articles.

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