how you will develop the ABCDE of yourself.this is awesome.

1.Self Adjustment

2.Self Belief

3.Self Control

4.Self Discipline

5.Self Encouragement


Is the act of moving yourself out of your status quo and adapting to a new state. If you don’t self-adjust, your weaknesses will remain because your weaknesses are part of your current self, and the only way to get out of them is Self-adjustment


Is to have confidence in your ability, trust in your strength and also program your mind that you can overcome your weaknesses.

Melancholics need self-belief to be confident when in the crowd. Phlegmatics need it to take take decisive decisions. Sanguines equally need to organize themselves while cholerics who am read gave this virtue need to channel it for the right moves


Is the brake of the human machine – the ability to restrain yourself from doing or saying something despite temptations. If you don’t develop self-control, the weaknesses of your temperament will crush your life


Is the ability to stick to etiques and codes of standard. It include respect for time, respect for your self and respect for others.

Without self discipline, you can’t overcome the weaknesses of your temperament


The ability to revive yourself to overcome a down moment of sorrow, pain or failure.

As you try to overcome your weaknesses, you will fail sometimes, you will be frustrated and disappointed, but with self encouragement you will be able to bounce back and persevere till you achieve your goal

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