Gob3, the life saver

One thing you might have realised, or still go through is the fact that life on campus is never easy no matter the level of institution you find yourself. One has always got to be smart, industrious and economical to overcome the hardships. This where the almighty “Gob3” comes into play.Now lets briefly enlighten ourselves on what “Gob3” really is. Gari and beans or “Gob3” for short, is a local food in west africa and Ghana to be precise. It is prepared with boiled beans and gari, with a mixture of oil, and some pepper stew. If you want to go the affluent level, you can chose to add fried plantain, or pear, or fish. You can purchase it either within the premises of a renowned restaurant or at the road side, but trust me: Every Gob3 be Gob3.Now, focusing on how “gob3” saves workers. One can imagine how difficult it would’ve been for most people, especially the low income earners in this era of Ghana’s economic hardships. From labourers to the most lucrative jobs, most people resort to this food. On a recent report in the volta region by City fm, most workers resort to Gob3 to attain maximum satisfaction at a minimal cost. Gob3 grants workers energy and sustain them through out the day, as it provides the nutritious edge. Just walk through the streets of Suame magazine, or Mokola market or Every corner in urban Ghana at 12 noon and beyond, this is where you will see how people surround Gob3 joints to resolve their hunger bouts.

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