Do you have IDM? Do you want to download more than one audio at a time? What of videos? What of games? What of windows installers? What of anything downloadable?

Then you have come to the right place, lets download all episodes of a series right now, right here!!!

First, go to the site with the content you like e.g.

Now, click the link and let the IDM download prompt come up

Next, copy the link from the IDM prompt

Now, open your IDM file

Next so to tasks and select add batch downloads

Search for the place with the episode number or group number is and replace with *

Ensure that the “wildcard number” is 1 and chose the range you want to download for example 1 to 10 for episodes 1 through to episode 10

Click on “OK” to continue

In the new window that pops up, select the all the videos or whatever you want to download

Choose where you want to save them to by going to “all files to one directory”

Now click “OK” to continue

Next create a batch group where the downloads will be happening by clicking the plus (“+”) button and adding a batch name, e.g. “easy downloads” and click “start queue processing” to start your batch download.

For more settings to your batch just go to Scheduler and change whatever you like.

Then Adios amigos.

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