A successful orientation done for the B E C E candidates at AAK district

The district education director of the Abura Asebu kwamankese district and her team an orientation for all candidates in the various basic school schools in the district which was to cone off on today 11th September 2020and it finally came to pass.

The district education director and her team in their orientation educated the candidates on how to answer their exams very well and in an acceptable way, she also advised all the candidates to respect their teachers and their parents as well and also they have to do everything without an insults nor an assault in order to get their better grades and get their best schools to school at.

The school that were present are Childhope school, Methodist basic A&B, Roman Catholic A&B, Baiden walker, Godsent, Islamic, Eternal life, Odumekyir D/A, Odonase Roman and Ekroful Catholic.

After the orientation, a number of over 450 candidates were recorded. After the orientation, the candidates were taken through serious prayers by one of the executives and the did d pray to show how serious they are to face their final basic exams. Check the images below.

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