Advice to all fresh applicants for 2020/2021 academic year (University)

First of all share this article with your friends to get this post. Please as you have been admitted or as you are yet to be admitted, please take a very good care of yourself. As you are going right now you do not know who you might meet. In the university, your freedom is in your hands. It is not like S.H.S that someone will instruct you to do this and this. Over here things are different. You do everything by your own.

Nobody will apply force on you. Please don’t take this as an advantage to fool yourself when you go. Because what you do today will be given to you tomorrow. There are lots of bad people in the university of which they can influence you into a certain secret groups. Make sure that you will be very careful when you are about to choose friends. We all have experienced some before. As a first year student, making friends is the basic of all he university life.

Don’t refuse to partake in the assignment. When you were in SHS, assignment didn’t count but over here it is different. Every single work you do count in your score.

Thank you!

I hope you will see this to be useful.

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