19 Year Old Boy Arrested For Using “For Girls” On His Mum

A 19-year old boy who to clear something up tried his alleged love potion on his organic mother has gotten her impregnated.

The stunning occurrence was affirmed by DSP Celestina Kalu, the Police Public Relations Officer in Port Harcourt, River State in Nigeria who captured the boy over danger to life subsequent to threatening to kill his mother to conceal his disgrace.

As per reports, Ekanem, the boy being referred to acquired the affection beguile (for Girls) from a fetish priest in Port Harcourt. The fetish priest advised him to give it a shot on his mom to affirm in the event that it truly works.

That was when interest drove him to give the mixture a shot on his mother yet karma evaded him and got his mum impregnated all the while.

When addressed on the matter, the boy said the statement below.

“I am profoundly abject for everything that has occurred, I didn’t intend to do this. I saw myself experiencing passionate feelings for her after the affection enchant arranged for me. I need to admit on the grounds that I know by so doing, God will contact her psyche and I realize she will pardon me. I abruptly found that I was having intercourse to mum when I figured the appeal won’t work, and upon the disclosure, I took steps to execute her and the issue was accounted for to the police”.

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