The key thing that if you know about life you would never quit: Read to find out!

Life is a journey of which we don’t know our destinations but yet we seek it. No matter how it is, we all have hope that we will finally get to where we belong. Starting a journey  before someone does, doesn’t actually mean you will reach the destination before that person but you will get to certain spots before they do which doesn’t grantee you getting there first. Which means, the journey of life is time relative. Never be so sure of you getting to your destination without some people.

 Your situation today shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to look down upon people. Don’t use grace to disgrace people. Life is time relative and if you are there today doesn’t mean you will remain in that particular position forever. Anyone can be there, but it’s your time now. So, don’t be so proud to the extend of looking down upon those who are yet to get there.

Life is a test. You pass the current level you move forward. Pride can break you. Remember the people you met on your way up are the same people you will met on your way down.  Not because you are better than them, but in the journey of life, it’s one at a time.

Life sometimes seem to amaze me. You are here today and tomorrow is a different story all together. Always make use of the opportunity you have today because everything in this world happens within the twinkle of an eye. Many people see it to be act of God. Others believe in Karma and whatever that happens is due to an effect of what have ever happened. So is there anything really called God as people say? Some say “It’s better to live my life as if there is God and go and there is o God than to live my life as if there is no God and go and there is God.” I do believe in God and also believe all that happens to us in this world is due to our actions. Lets get this and all will be clear.

Religion isn’t here to separate us, but to bring us closer because we worship the same creator of the universe!

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