This is not yet my poem

The poem of my soul and of my blood

I still lack ink to write my poem

The great poem I feel turning in me

My heart is obsessed with blood so is my pen with ink_

This He said

But as mid-days became fragrance of moon flowers

In twilight of sweet dreams

Running away with held hands through a forest

When he returns to see the sun deny him of his love

They shall go dressed in peace_

And wearing a smile of flowers and fruit entwined

Along roads – twisting snakes

Climbing from the mountain to the stars

And to their shining dreams together

For his name was placed behind hers_

In letters to the wise and mystical messages

That he may be her backbone and she_ his strength

They shall go

Singing songs, they know and do not know

And the shimmering smiles of the folks on the pass ways

Like the glamour of the stars_

This, he never wished to wake up

They are but words of obsession

It’s the truth and I mean it says he

But it all ends in tears she said

As to joy or pain, it’s worth it_

Just as his Eve blinded him with her apple

So is he in the memory of her deep inner self

Like rain drops falling into a river                                                                                     

And like Jonah in the mystical sea

He is also in the belly of his Eve_

Knowing he is moving

But as to forward or further he can’t tell but fate

Not stagnant

And this phenomenon he is sure

And another_

Like the sun, radiations penetrate

Even through the deepest shadows just to give light

And finding his Eve just to love best

He is sure of all this mystery

So suffers the misery_

The mystery of this obsession.

By Ice kenkey

I hope you have enjoyed this poetical interpretation of Pragma, Philia and Stodge[love]

All questions are welcome as there is no need for a commentary

Let’s engage ourselves through comment session below as we discuss.

Thanks for reading….

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