Mensa Otabil Reveals 5 things that will happen in Ghana before the end of August.

Most times here in Ghana, we have heard a lot of testimonies of what GOD has been using a lot men of GOD to do in this our present time. We have seen the likes of powerful men of GOD who is believed to have heard from GOD, and has allowed GOD to use them mighty in the service and in the best interest of the Good people of Ghana.

Mensa Otabil Reveals 5 Things That What Will Happen in Ghana Before the End of August.

Ghana as a nation has produced a lot of Men of GOD in the time past, and Ghana is still in the era of producing powerful men of GOD who are believed to be genuine and real. This set of men of GOD have humbled themselves in Humility to the service of GOD and man. They understand that the best thing a man can do for his maker and his creator is to serve him in Body and in Spirit.

One of the Powerful Men of GOD that Ghana has produced is Mensa Otabil, who is believed by all Ghanaians to be genuine and real when it comes to the ministry of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. It is believed that Mensa Otabil hears directly from GOD, that is why every prophecy he has released is said to have come to pass at the expected time and at the exact period or duration he said that such prophecy(ies) will happen.

The cleric has taken to reveal what is set to happen in Ghana within few hours to the end of this month August. Only those that will have Faith and believe in the powerful miracles, and on what the LORD can do, is set to queue into this blessings and Prophecies as stated by one of the powerful man of GOD in Ghana.

I was able to gather some of the prophetic utterances and powerful prayers revealed by the cleric, which is set to happen in Ghana before the end of this month of August, as I stated below.

I bring the good news of our LORD JESUS CHRIST to the good people of Ghana. Whether you’re a Christian who practice Christianity as a Religion, or a Muslim who practice Islam as a Religion, the LORD has asked me to tell you that before the end of this month of August, you shall laugh in JESUS name.

I don’t care to know what you have passed through at the beginning of this year, but am here to tell you that GOD has remembered you, and your set time of breakthrough has come. If you believe say AMEN.

All those people that mocked you and have asked you directly or indirectly, “where is your GOD, are you sure he has not forsaken you”. I decree and declare today that those same people will come and congratulate you before the end of this month in JESUS name.

I Prophecy that as many as we believe in Awesomeness power of GOD, GOD shall visit their households and business to cause a divine intervention, that customers and client will locate them form North, South, East and West cardinal points of Ghana in JESUS name.

Just like the good LORD watches over the birds of the Sky and the animals in the sea, the LORD will wat h over you and your households, that this month of August shall see the end of any member of your family in JESUS name I Pray.

As it is remains three days to end this month of August, and as three is a perfect illustration of Trinity (GOD the Father, GOD the Son and GOD the Holy Ghost) I decree that Heaven shall make you their priority in JESUS mighty name I Pray.

If you believe that the LORD has began a Good journey in your life, in your family and in your finance, why not have Faith and Comment “AMEN” on the comment box below.

Since the LORD has blessed you, it will be wise to let others benefit from this blessings by sharing this prophetic utterances and powerful prayers, so that others will queue into this blessings. Remain Blessed in JESUS name.

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