Careful creature, seeing her creates a demon in your mind
Her outside as hard and scary as a mountain
Her inside as soft as cotton
She protects her people yet they let her down every time
Everyone leaves her, no one stays
Even the one she was with for eons
Memories flash in her mind as she remembers the times they had together
Now everyone just comes and goes, how she feels, no one wants to know
She wishes to go where she belongs
But she has no wings to fly her through to that distant home
She wishes to go back to where she never had to be there for everyone
Where she never had to love
She can’t breathe, she gasps for breathe under the mask she shows
No one figures out she’s so hurt and low
All she can count on is her strength to not let her down
They do not seem to work
Love disappointed her the first time she tried it
Was it even love? For her first love seemed to not feel the same way
The love of her life left her as swiftly as she came
Not noticing what was right infront of her
Her mom thought she was strong
She was strong, but was she?
Scared of being alone though no one dared attack her
Scared of being left out though she had the greatest taste in fun
The poor creature hard and strong
Seen as a demon but an angel inward
She screams to those around so silently yet loudly
They hear yet they pretend she exists no more
Careful creature, get too close and you may get drowned by her sorrow
Her true colors are dark and white yet she hides her dark side just for those she love
Her white side is what she perfectly reveals to those she loves
Yet they make it grey, stained because they don’t cherish it
All the poor creature asks for is to be loved back,
Who will love her back?

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