[Video] ‘Money stops nonsense’ – Man ‘chops’ dirty slap during money spraying spree

We have all at some point heard the expression ‘money stops nonsense’. Well, it didn’t really make much sense until I saw this video.

In an incident that seem to have happened in Nigeria, a young man is captured on video being at the receiving end of a huge slap during a typical ‘money spraying showmanship’.

The video which has since gone viral captured a number of people scrambling for money on the grounds of what looking a ceremony. But one individual who appeared not so enthused about joining the scrambling masses confronted the ‘rich man’ perhaps to have a share of cash.

This clearly did not sit well with the man of the moment who could not help but hand the young man a hefty slap which saw him leaving the scene holding his jaw in pain. I know you already itching to see this video. watch it from the link below

One thought on “[Video] ‘Money stops nonsense’ – Man ‘chops’ dirty slap during money spraying spree

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