Two Groups Of People Who Have Declared To Support The NDC In The Election.

We are in the election season and the campaigns have already started. This year’s Election is going to be very critical and one of the interesting ones ever. An immediate past president contesting an Incumbent president, it has never happened before and that is going to be something extra ordinary in the history of Ghana.
It is interesting to know that since 1992 under the fourth republic, the elections in this country has always been between the two main political parties, the NDC and NPP.

Different smaller parties have tried their best over the years to compete the dominance of these two but it seems all efforts made aren’t working. The situation is not different from this particular year, there is absolute no doubt that the battle is still between the two only, even though we have more than 20 Political and independent candidates contesting for the Presidential seat.

Both the NDC and NPP are very determine to win the elections but with the way things are going, it seems the NDC is finding lack in the face of the electorates again.
Former president Mahama and his NDC are yet to launch their manifesto but it seems some of their policies coming out are winning the hearts of the people.
There is no doubt that these two groups of people have already pledged to vote for John Mahama in the coming Elections.

Firstly, the Okada riders. John Mahama has made a strong Promise to the Okada riders of his intentions to legalize their business for them when he wins the elections.

This Good News seems to be very much welcome by the Okada riders, according to them it is a very good initiative and that the former president has their support.
They promised to rally behind the call in order to ensure that it becomes a reality.
According to the president of the Okada riders association, there are about 800,000 People currently in the business accross the country.
Infact this initiative of John Mahama seems to have swept off the entire NPP manifesto as it is now the main talk in town.

The second group of people who also seems to have rally their support behind the NDC are the head porters(Kayayees). The Kayayees seems to be offended by comments of leading members of the NPP and have therefore declared their support for the NDC.
You will recall that, immediately after the appointment of Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang as the running mate of the NDC, there were a lot of attacks on her by the NPP, which led to their National Secretary to state that no one will even recognize Prof. Jane Naana except Kayayees.

This seems to be an unfortunate comment from John Boadu, the National Secretary of the NPP. The NDC were very wise to utilize this opportunity and since then the running mate has pulled this Kayayees very closed to her.

The percentage for a party to win an elections in Ghana is 50.1% and until you get the point 1 in addition, you are not the winner.
This therefore means that we cannot under estimate the power of even a single vote and the NPP needs to be careful about that.
This people they see as few can cause their defeat easily.

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