Today, 28th August 2020 on Chandra Nandini.

The episode starts with makeup of nandini. Everyone is doing nandinis makeup and dressing her. Nandini is crying and her mom hugs her and cries. A servant comes and tells that the time for marriage has come and bride has been called in the mandap. A pandit is saying the mantras, nandini comes and sits. Pandit tells groom to bring his right hadn forward and tells nandini to put her right hand on chandras right hand. Nandini looks at chandras right hand and gets angry and remembers how her father and brothers were killed. Nandini puts her hand on chandras hand and its shivering and nandini is crying. Pandit puts holy water on their hand. Chandra presses nandinis hand and as told by pandit they keep it down. Pandit tells now kanyadan will happen. Nandini is in tears as she remembers her father telling her how he would do her kanyadan and entire Magadha would look at her. Nandinis mom says that king of utkarn will do nandinis kanyadan as there is no male person in nands family alive. As king utkarn is proceeding, chanakya comes and says stop he will not do the kanyadan. Nandinis mom says you are a priest and you know no male is alive and I have 1 son but he is mental and he cant do the kanyadan. Chanakya says who said I would call your mental son? And I have caught a male member of your family sneaking in Magadha and he will do, chanakya tells soldiers to bring him. Everyone is eager to see who it is, it is dhananand and he is in chains. Gautami comes and hugs dhananand and says you are alive.nandini is happy. Chanakya says he will do the kanyadan. Dhananand says I have not come here for the kanyadan and I am here to kill Chandra. Chanakya says if you don’t do the kanyadan then I will throw you alive in fire. Nandini starts crying and she goes running and falls down on dhana nands legs and tells him that please do the kanyadan and I can not see another murder and I have already witnessed my father and 7 brothers killed. Dhananand says I cant see tears in your eyes and I will do the kanyadan.
Dhananand goes and sits beside nandini as said by pandit. Pandit tells dhananand to do the ritual of kanyadan. Then its time for dhananand to wash grooms legs as in washing chandras legs. Dhana nand feels insulted and has to wash chandras legs. Then they sit back again and there is a dagger kept for the ritual. Dhana nand is not able to control his anger and he picks the dagger and attack Chandra. Chandra in time holds the dagger just above nandinis head. Blood drips from chandras hand it falls on nandinis forehead and the tika ritual Is done there itself. Chandra takes the dagger and kicks dhana nand and is about to kill him when chanakya stops him and tells no Chandra you can not kill him and he will stay alive. Chandra says now I will listen to no one and I will take the revenge of my mom and you and he has to suffer the bad deeds of his father. Chandra is about to attack when chanakya tells Chandra to stop and it is his revenge and he will decide what to do. Chanakya goes and hugs Chandra and tells congratulations on your marriage. Chandra says this time I am sorry but I will give you only 3 days to decide dhana nands fate otherwise I will kill him myself. Chanakya tells soldiers to put dhana nand in prison, he is taken as nandini cries. They come back to rituals and now is the time for swearing. Pandit tells swear that you will keep footsteps together in your life. Chandra wishes in mind that he will never allow nandini to step forward, nandini swears in mind that she will never keep footstep together with Chandra. Pandit says swear that you will keep each other and your families happy. Chandra swears in mind that he will always keep

nandini and her family in sorrow, nandini swears in mind that she will never accept chandras family as hers. Pandit says swear that you will stay together in your deepest sorrows and happiness. Chandra swears in mind that he will always keep nandini sad and alive and kill her slowly everyday in sadness. Nandini swears in mind that she will never support Chandra in his sorrow and happiness. Ritual is over and the marriage is done.
In her room nandini is crying and she gets hallucinations of her childhood when she used to play in her room with her father. Nandini laughs and says you couldn’t catch me, then the hallucinations go and nandini starts crying. She says I cant live like this looking at my father die in front of me.
There as Chandra is going in his room, durdhara comes and says go and sleep in your new wifes room. Chandra says no I cant sleep with her and I am a man who has married 3 wives but I cant sleep with anyone. Durdhara says why? Chandra says because at night you get scary dreams and then you scratch me and look at these scratches on my hand, and with Helena she snores so I cant sleep there too. Durdhara says sleep with nandini then, Chandra says no because even if I get to sleep I wont ever get up as she will try to kill me. Helena comes and says Chandra go and sleep with nandini, durdhara says he said he cant. Helena says you can go now, durdhara says okay don’t be angry and she goes. Chandra says Helena you can order durdhara but not me and I am not going to sleep in nandinis room. Helena says not even if you know that she has kept some gift for you in the sweet plate. Chandra says she always tries to kill me so if it’s a gift then I will go and check…
Nandini, she remembers what she put for Chandra in the thali. She goes to check the thali meanwhile Chandra sees her and gives a suspicious look, he proceeds towards Nandini. Nandini says do not come near me or else I will kill you. Chandra holds Nandini on the neck, Nandini runs away and Chandra says you seem very scared, Nandini. Nandini remembers Chandra applying Haldi on her body. He also says I am aware that you are hiding something to kill me, some kind of weapon, this is the reason you agreed for tgis marriage, so you can take advantage of the privacy and kill me in no time, let me see what poison or weapon you are hiding, show it to me, Nandini, show it. Nandini doesn’t do so, Chandra pushes her, then he proceeds towards the thali and removes the cover, he sees pages of a books. Chandra gets shocked and asks what are they. Nandini replies they are my books, they are most valuable things for me, I wanted to complete my education but I got engaged to Malayketu, and Malayketu did not want me to complete my education, thatt is why I hid them, take my books, snatch them if you want. Nandino cries. Chandra says this books seem high standard, I have not studied them, honestly speaking I am not well qualified, all that Acharya taught me about life and politics. Nandini says I have learnt to live my life with these books. Chandra says take these books, study and educate, what are you waiting for, take these. Nandini looks on and remembers Malayketu saying not to educate. Nandini takes her books and cries, then falls asleep. Chandra looks at her and says I didn’t know that she was interested in education, though she behaves silly but reads knowledgeable books, he looks at Nandini’s books. Nandini while sleeping holds Chandra’s hand and says I am very scared, it is very dark here and scary, please do not leave me. She holds Chandra tightly. Chandra says I wonder whom she talks to in her dreams. He goes.
The morning. Helena talks to the system. She says as the governance has changed, the entire system here would be changed too, I want to see the changes happening in this palace as per my orders, the biggest chamber available after Chandra’s room should be mine, apart from this my mother’s chamber should be equally good as mine, and this Queen’s palace will be occupied by my friends and relatives, and all you can live at the backside of the palace, most importantly Nandini and her ladies from her family should have a special arrangements, on the other side of the palace arrange for very small rooms for them. She explains the system the new rules. Moora enters and asks what is happening? Helena replies the same that a Cheif Queen is supposed to do, I am managing tge division of the palace, only my orders will be followed henceforth and I will decide who will live where, I was doing that. Moora says but in this manner. Helena says do you have any problems with my decisions, Rajmata? She says privacy. The system leave. Helena says I know you will never loke my decisions but the decision is final. Moora says Helena, do not forget you are talking to the Rajmata of Magadh. Helena says you too do not forget that the Cheif Queen of Magadh is in front of you. Moora says Chandra should know how the Cheif Queen is behaving with Rajmata. Helena says if you ever do that be prepared for the outcome, it would be better if the fight remains between us, that day a 3rd person enters there would be no peace in the Kingdom, you decide if you wanna live peacefully or not. Moora says alright Helena, if you wanna play a game, I accept it, do what you find appropriate, as long as I am alive nothing wrong will happen to Magadh. Moora goes. Helena angrily looks on.
The subjects greet Chandra, he sits on his chair on the hall. Chandra commands to start the proceedings. Acharya says we came to take an important decision about Dhana Nand. Chandra says Death is a good decision. Acharya says you sre different from the former King of Magadh, Acharya tells ministers to put their views. Minister says to give lifetime imprisonment, the subjects agree. Acharya says for now you should held Dhana Nand in prison. The soldiers come with Dhana Nand. Chandra says the subjects have decided to give Dhana Nand life time imprisonment. Dhana Nand says do not commit a mistake leaving me alive. Chandra gets angry and says he should get death.
Helena tries to enter Chandra’s room. Guards tell her to stop as Chandra is taking bath, Helena shouts at them and enter. Chandra gets shy seeing her she asks about Nandini,Chandra tells her that he found some books. Helena leaves and says do not be shy.
Gautami tells Nandini about Chandra’s decision and asks her to save Dhana Nand.

Precap: Nandini begs for Dhana Nanda’s life to Chandra. Chandra doesn’t listen to her.

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