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KT is worried when he hears Shayl say that they are doing it all for Rachna’s happiness. Rachna hugs Shayl and thanks her saying she always know what is going on in her mind. Shayl says she doesn’t even have an idea how much her mother loves her, she can do anything for her happiness.
Peehu’s mother in law says to Gunjan and Mayank that no one told her they are coming. Gunjan says Shayl was trying Murli’s number but he didn’t pick up the phone, so they thought about coming here. Murli begins to talk when his mother stops him. Mayank says tomorrow is his daughters Anuprashan, he must come. He thought about inviting in person. Gunjan asks at what time will they all reach tomorrow, and looks at them questioningly.
Peehu asks them why they went to her in laws house, do they know how angry they are. Gunjan says it is good that they went there, else how could they know about it.

Peehu looks at Mayank, and Gunjan. Peehu asks what did she know, what happened. Shayl asks what is to get so worried, they just went to give the invitation. Gunjan says what would Murli say but, that he will come. Peehu smiles, and says to Dayal that she told him she had talked to him already and he had said this to her. Dayal says this is a good thing that Mayank and Gunjan went themselves to invite him. Peehu hugs Gunjan. Rachna watches this and says everyone is happy in the house.
The next day, everyone gives gifts to Khushi. The ladies say she is just like her father, her eyes are so beautiful. A lady asks Peehu to get a brother for this little girl. Mayank tells Gunjan that her daughter will also be cute like this, she will be like him. Gunjan asks if she will be like her, wont she be cute.
She attacks on Mayank who asks her to be calm, what will people think.
Seema comes to Peehu and asks that Murli must not be late atleast today, it was his daughter’s function. Peehu wonders why he said to Gunjan that he will come, when he didn’t have to come. Did he lie to her. Mayank tells Shayl his number is out of reach. Peehu says she remember there was a death in his family a week ago, so he and her mother in law can’t come as they can’t step out of house for a week.

Rachna waits for KT on the terrace. There is a horn downstairs and KT’s car pulls by. Rachna says he is here, she knows that he must have worn green. She runs through the corridor, happily. As she comes downstairs, and calls KT he was wearing the usual black coat suit. She asks but he asks her to go inside, she nods. They head inside, KT meets everyone inside. Mayank was still in bad mood. Rachna asks why he didn’t wear green dress, as she asked his specially. KT says something fall on his dress at the last moment, he had no other option so he had to wear this. She says it is ok. KT’s phone rings, he asks Piya to speak, he is busy and will talk to her later. He tells her that he is with the same girl he told her about, will talk to her later. Rachna asks who was it. KT says it is a past friend of him. Rachna asks if it was really important, did he go to her home. KT says they aren’t married yet, and she is questioning him. Rachna says it is nothing like that.
Pandit tells them to be a bit quick, the time of Pooja has gone. Shayl was thoughtful, Peehu was worried too. The ladies guests head to leave, as it is really late.

KT’s phone rings, he says he has to go right now and will return later. He says bye to Rachna, and leaves.
Peehu heads to go inside, Gunjan is thoughtful. Peehu tries Murli’s number and asks him not to disconnect her call. She asks him to come here for just a while, everyone is asking her about him. Murli can’t speak when his mother takes the phone and says strictly that she has said no one will come there, from her home. Peehu cries, while Gunjan comes from behind and listens to this all. Peehu wipes her tears and moves on. Gunjan thinks that why is Peehu so worried, and where is Murli so much busy that he can’t even come here for a while.
Shayl asks Peehu where was this death. Peehu argues that she doesn’t tell them each and everything. They can’t come here. Shayl says this isn’t a little issue, she must have told them before, they must not have arranged it. Shayl asks if something is wrong, Peehu denies any problem when Gunjan says she will tell them what it is about. She comes to Peehu, and tells her that she called Murli from her phone, when Peehu had left her phone on the desk. Her mother in law talked on phone, and Gunjan was shocked to hear all the truth. Peehu cries. Rachna asks what truth, Mayank asks what is going on. Gunjan tells them that due to giving birth to a baby-girl, her husband and mother in law have sent her back to here. Shayl and everyone is shocked.
Peehu cries hard, and says that now she can’t be a mother again. Shayl comes to her and hugs her. She says she is living in 21st century. Gunjan curses her mother in law and then Murli, she tells Peehu that she is happy without such husband and Khushi also doesn’t need such a father.

She doesn’t believe Murli can talk like this, how was he born himself and isn’t his mother a girl. She was much angry at them. Seema tells Gunjan to be calm, as anger isn’t good for her health.
Rachna asks Peehu why she didn’t tell them everything. Shayl says she must be quiet just not to make them worried, she gulped this poison alone. Shayl hugs the crying Peehu. Mayank says that they must do something, as they can’t sit quiet. He can’t tolerate his sister being treated this way. Dayal asks Peehu that till her papa is alive she doesn’t want to care, he will find a way for this problem. Peehu hugs him.
Seema says to Dayal that they must talk to Peehu’s mother in law for once. They are stubborn, but they aren’t. They are the parents of daughter. Mayank says maa is right. Gunjan says she doesn’t think they must do this,
Gunjan says that they all know she is the root of this problem. She and Mayank must talk to Murli first and know what he thinks. They will talk to anyone after that. Dayal says Gunjan is right. Gunjan looks at Mayank, and is still worried.

Rachna says to KT that she doesn’t believe that people consider a girl’s birth as shameful. This all is happening to her sister, and she is afraid taking this all. KT’s message bell rings, he gets involved in it. Rachna says it is strange, that they both are getting together and Peehu and Murli are getting apart. KT is worried again, his phone rings and he goes to take the call. He says that is great, Rachna hears his conversation on phone and dislikes it. KT promises that he will come, no problem. Rachna stands up and comes near to him. KT says on phone that he will call back. Rachna complains that he is busy to listen to her, he might talk to his friend and she will go back home. She leaves, saying bye to him. KT is worried again, about something. He says you will know one day that why he is doing this.
Gunjan and Mayank come to Murli. Mayank says may be he doesn’t know what they want to talk to him. Murli says he couldn’t come to Anuprashan as he was caught into something really urgent. Mayank says they know what important work he was caught into. Is he ashamed of being a father of a girl. Murli says it isn’t like that, he must understand his problem as well as he is the only son to his mother. Mayank asks doesn’t his only daughter needs her father. Can he spend his whole life without his daughter? Murli looks down. Mayank asks what is it today, that a boy can do and a girl cannot? Their generation has moved on from this thinking. Murli says he agrees with his thinking. Gunjan says the problem is with his mother, the last time Peehu called, it was her not Peehu. His mother spoke all the poison out, it was Gunjan hearing it. She says he is a husband as well, along with being a son. And now he is a father too, he has some responsibilities, he isn’t a child that he will do what his mother would say and break all his relations to his family. He has to fulfil his responsibilities, and get some rights for his wife and his daughter. His mother comes there and angrily asks how dare she….

Gunjan says that Murli even has the responsibility towards his daughter and wife, and he must get them their rights. Murli’s mother comes there and angrily asks Gunjan how dare she causes so much of fighting between the family. Gunjan asks if she questions her the same thing, what is she doing in the life of Murli behind a little girl. What if her parents had left her over as well, and what if she had to live like an orphan. Mayank stops her but Gunjan says she needs her answers. Murli’s mother says that if she wants an answer, her mother had given birth to two sons before me, and neither Gunjan’s mother nor her Mausi could give birth to a son, that is why Peehu could also not give birth to a son. May be the same happens to you. Gunjan is disgusted and says her mentality, heart and thinking is all ill. Mayank asks who is responsible about giving birth to girl or a boy. If he gets a baby girl born to him, no one will be lucky than him. The lady says she will ask him later, when a daughter is born. Gunjan says she can guarantee that Mayank wont behave like her son, he can’t even stand in front of his family and broke it. She says her mother in law doesn’t have a backward thinking. The lady begins crying, beating herself. She says to Murli that these people are saying a lot to his mother and he is quiet, did she give birth to him for this day. Murli says to Gunjan that they must leave, here. Mayank asks what will happen if they leave, has he think about Khushi and Peehu. He has married Peehu and Khushi is his daughter, they can get a solution to this problem. Murli’s mother says that his mother can’t give birth to any other child and they won’t accept such a girl.
Gunjan says this is bad luck of Peehu that she has come to such a family married, where everyone’s thinking is so backward. What she will tell everyone that she gave birth to a daughter and her mother in law didn’t allow her to stay in the house. And what will she herself tell the people, that she broke his son’s family just because of a daughter was born to them. Murli’s mother begins to cry loud again, Murli comes to him and says he hasn’t forgotten his mother. His mother poses to get ill, and has pain in her heart. She says it seems she is going to have a heart attack. Gunjan says heart isn’t on the right but left side, the lady changes her hand indication. Gunjan asks Mayank to go now.
At home, Peehu tells Murli they came to solve the matter. Murli says to Peehu that they came here to insult him and his mother, she must tell her sister that they now have no relation. Peehu cries. Shayl asks Peehu what did Murli say, Peehu says she must ask Gunjan who insulted and misbehaved with her mother in law. Her mother in law is ill because of her. Rachna and Seema deny that Gunjan can’t do any such thing. Gunjan tells Shayl that Murli has just come into what his mother says, his heart is still with Peehu. Peehu says he has broken every relation to her now, because of Gunjan. Gunjan asks Peehu where was he when she was being misbehaved by her mother in law. Mayank says his mother came and ruined all the Murli’s mind. Peehu still blames Gunjan.
Seema tells Bindia curtly, that she didn’t like what Peehu said about Gunjan. Bindia says the matter is delicate, Seema says this is why she didn’t say anything.
Gunjan says to Mayank that she can’t stay out of it. Mayank says they tried to solve the problem, now they must let the elders to look into it, and she must not depress herself.
Peehu says to Shayl and Dayal that Gunjan likes to do social work a lot, she must not interfere in her life. Rachna goes crying, Dayal tells Peehu to sleep. He and Shayl will go to her mother in law tomorrow.
Seema tells Gunjan that she wasn’t wrong. Gunjan says she want a girl to be born to her now. Seema says she just want the child to be healthy, it doesn’t matter whether it is a boy or a girl.
Rachna comes to terrace, and prays for Peehu. She watches him going out of the house.
Rachna wonders where he is going at this time of night. She calls him, she is worried when he doesn’t pick it up and texts that he is asleep so will talk to her later.
In the morning, Rachna comes to KT’s house. She comes inside, and asks why he lied to her. He asks about what. She says he went somewhere out, and texted her that he is asleep, why so. KT says someone is spying on him. He says he went for a small drive, as he wasn’t sleepy. Rachna says she thought it was something else, and called to help. He says he has to leave now, for work. She asks for breakfast, he says please he has an urgent work. She says all the best to him, but he leaves. Before she could come after him, he leaves.
Shayl and Dayal were leaving for Peehu’s house. Peehu says she doesn’t hope for anything good. Shayl tells her to stay here, everything will be fine. Rachna calls Shayl, Murli and his mother arrive home. They come inside, his mother says they have come to say they can’t suffer it more. Shayl asks them to come inside, Seema also calls Murli inside. They come in, Shayl says they were just coming to their home. Murli’s mother says she wanted to insult her again. Gunjan says no, they were coming to present them with laddoo. Murli’s mother says they didn’t come to eat sweet. Shayl says it is obvious that Peehu has given birth to a girl, Murli doesn’t like Peehu, so isn’t it better that they get separated. Murli’s mother is shocked, and says this is a good way to insult a person. Gunjan says this is what she told her and Mayank. She tries to put laddoo in her mouth.

Precap: Dayal and the family say to Murli that it is better for them both to leave each other.

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