This Life That I live

This life that I live, I have realized that there is so much to believe, I don’t know when all in this life will end, But in all I will give honour to the one whose praise will never end

The moment I’m born to live on this earth, There will be things I would have to unearth, Until I dig them all out, I won’t be able to standout

Success can’t be guaranteed in this present life, to make it I would have to strive, predicaments here predicaments there, But at the end of it all I will take this to nowhere

Money has become the ruler of this world, Many now even chase after it in the underworld, Though money makes so many things beautiful, But in the end will all things be fruitful

I won’t let the things been said by people in this life get into me, It will make me not to see the world in a proper view, In the end I will realize it was a mistake heeding to them, I will just turn a deaf ear to if I want to avoid any mayhem

If I want to win this life’s race, All I will need is divine grace, This grace I will need comes from above, And it descends like a dove

I won’t worry if my life is already a mess, I might have undergone so much pain and great distress, But here comes a message so soothing, My messy life will soon undergo a resmoothing

So now you know that this life I live, In God alone I do believe, If you also in him believe, All the blessings for you will be retrieved

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