Say these morning prayers before you engage yourself in any activity.

Beloved in Christ, before you engage in any activities this morning, kindly say these prayers and bear in mind that the kingdom of God is expensive so are you willing to sacrifice to leave everything aside and serve God with all your heart and mind? I pray and you must also pray for God to grant you the grace and faith to put all your trust in him even when you have nothing or when you face trials and challenges, Amen.

Let thanksgiving be your attitude and lifestyle, for Great is the Grace of God in our lives, Amen. Enjoy the weekend with Jesus Christ, Amen.

May we acknowledge the Lord as our Saviour and Lord and obey his instructions in our lives, Amen.

As the Lord has blessed us to see this beautiful day, let us meditate and sing to his Glory and have the Faith and Believe that God will see us through today and the entire week successfully. May the Power and Glory of God lead us today, Amen.

Beloved, let us turn away from every unknown God and come to the one and only true God who is our God because in him we live move and have our being. John 14:6 makes us understand that Jesus Christ is the only true way to the Father.

Beloved throw away every unknown God and come to Jesus today. May the good Lord bless you and keep you safe, Amen.

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