R.Kelly Jailed For More Than A Year Now,Attacked By An Inmate In Chicago Prison

It’s been more than a year since singer R.Kelly was taken into custody following alleged sexual abuse tied to allegations that popular American singer R.Kelly sexually abused four women,three of them who were allegedly minors.

The star pleaded not guilty and was granted a bail on $100,000 after spending two nights behind bars.All this happened in February 2019 and was re-arrested on July 11,2019 and has been denied bail till now.

R.Kelly has been attacked recently by his fellow inmate in his jail cell,the incident happened at the Metropolitan Correctional centre in Chicago,where his fellow inmate started punching Kelly who was sitting on his bed.

R. Kelly’s Attorney Douglas C. Anton tells Billboard, “It is unfortunately true. Another inmate that had an issue with lockdown, got upset and simply attacked Robert.”

By Billboard

Sources say the inmate attacked R.Kelly because he was mad about their facility being placed on lockdown numerous times and a couple of times due to Kelly protesters outside the jail.

Doctors have confirmed that Kelly has been examined and he is okay with no broken bones or serious injuries.

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