Must Read:The Controller And Account General Drops Latest News To All Workers.

The month gradually turns and descend to its end, most workers will be waiting for good news from their employers.

Refreshing news that will bring hope and comfort. News that brings energy and stability to most homes.

All this happens because the average Ghanaian worker’s income is less than the real expenditure per month. Cost of living in Ghana since the fourth republic has been hard for most workers.

As the month’s calendar ticks to an end, the first expectation of every worker is to hear good news from the Controller and Accountant General Department and subsequently from their various financial institutions.

Fortunately the long awaited message from the Controller and Accountant General’s pay slip is in.

From tomorrow most financial institutions will start crediting accounts of all workers.

It has become very necessary because as the weekend approaches, lots of programs may sprung up which will definitely involves the use of ‘hard paper’ that is money.

Families, friends, organizational groups, dependents and even debtors will always expect positive news from the Ghanaian salary worker.

As Controller and Accountant General releases the new pay slip for the month of August, proper planning can be initiated before the actual net salary hits the various accounts.

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