Flat worm – A soft bodied, flat looking creature that is characterized as the simplest form of the worm. There are over 20,000 species of flatworms and these can be found living on land and in water – both fresh and marine.

These creatures skeptically are hermaphrodites i.e. they have both male and female organs. Isn’t this amazing? Imagine having both organs on your body. haha, stop imagining things. Back to our title. They fight with their reproductive organs. With the penis being the piercer. Now, this why they fight. They fight to reproduce.

Two adult flat worms meet to fight to decide on who amongst them will carry the eggs since they are both hermaphrodites (have both male and female organs). During the fight, they use their penis to pierce each others skin to infuse the sperm inside to form the eggs. The one who succeeds swims away without having to carry any eggs.

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source: biology.com

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