Adom TV’s jiji maa: Friday update

Falguni asking Piyali to collect her in balcony. Suyash says investors are coming, I sense we be supposed to distinguish them the truth. She says confer me partly an hour, right have faith in my belief. Curtain flies towards Diya near idol. Piyali comes to Falguni and asks why did you plea me. Falguni says you dearth Niyati to friendship you as her Jiji maa, she will put up with you after I m not in her life. She cascade down the railing.

Piyali shouts and runs to her. She asks I’m sorry? were you thinking, how did you jump. Uttara comes here and asks what’s the matter, why are you shouting. Falguni hangs down and says if I die, Niyati will summon you Jiji maa, if you avoid me, you will pick up peak in her eyes, evaluation is in your hands. Uttara says give permission her die, no necessity to avoid her, our drive will be made if she dies. Uttara shouts to them and asks them to rescue Falguni.

She asks Piyali to make Niyati, accede to Falguni die. Falguni asks Piyali to engage caution of Niyati. She foliage her hands. Piyali holds her furnish and saves her. all and sundry hears Piyali shouting. Niyati goes to visit upstairs. She gets shocked considering Falguni in trouble. each person comes at hand and gets shocked.

Niyati cries. Uttara says Piyali has saved Falguni. Niyati hugs Falguni and asks how did this happen, if no matter which happened to you. Falguni says Piyali was at this point with me. Niyati hugs Piyali. They cry. Niyati says you saved Falguni, I can’t overlook this favor, you are added than lady for me, forgive me, you are my sister now. Piyali gets happy. The curtain catches fire. Jayant says we will put in the picture investors the honesty that we don’t control idol, its their craving if they signpost the deal. Falguni secret language Piyali. Piyali gets a call. She asks what, you got the idol, is the collar there. She tells them that she initiate the idols, but thieves get string away. She asks Jayant to be situated with investors, Falguni and she will comprehend the idol. They go. Uttara says Piyali be able to put behind you her motive.

Falguni and Piyali get the message the detonate and grasp shocked. The men request what’s the matter, you hold asked us to remain and right now each is away, don’t you covet to motion the deal. Suyash says no, we will comprise you arrange darshan, fail us 5mins. The chap says I ruminate we shall leave. Suyash says we shall pocket them, perhaps Falguni comes. Vidhaan asks them to lead Gangajal. Piyali says I solely had to urge you here, you say to shot to the lead alone. Falguni thinks how to contain the idol. every person prays. Suyash desires Falguni comes fast.

Piyali comes to Uttara and smiles. Suyash pulls off the curtains to illustrate idol. all gets amazed bearing in mind the deity back. all and sundry smiles. Falguni comes to them. Clients pick up Darshan. Falguni and Niyati carry out the aarti with Piyali. Uttara gets shocked. Jayant and each misappropriate Ganpati for Visarjan. every person greetings them for having eco pleasant Ganpati. Suyash gets the deal. Falguni smiles and hugs Niyati.

Piyali aphorism I will ruin Falguni by by means of her weakness, did you reflect my hatred ended. Uttara says I concept you got ensnared in Falguni’s web. Piyali says my labor is to con others, only this minute hold your fire and watch. Falguni recalls Piyali’s words. She goes to Suyash and asks why are you worried. He says exertion and subject lead to on, its truly stress, you aren’t thrashing anything, how be able to I buffalo hide anything, I will perform and sleep. He goes. She says I finger you are beating a luck from me. Uttara asks Piyali to be inflicted with wine. Piyali says I like to dwell in senses. Uttara says your picture to thieve Ganesh hero worked, as well you were honorable threatening Falguni, you hold emotions for Falguni, therefore you saved her.

Piyali says I like scrutiny Falguni in pain, I will capture Falguni’s place, Falguni will be aware of depraved at what time Niyati calls me Jiji Maa. They smile. Uttara says I did hence to a great extent and Piyali got the profits, she got her sister’s love, while will I induce pardon? I want, I like my Vidhaan, I fair care for to extremity his hatred. Jayant hears this and gets shocked.

He holds Uttara. She gets shocked. He says I heard Uttara’s voice, did you be made aware anything. She says no, here is no female here. He says she gave us to a great extent pain, but I forget her, we detest her.

She says you won’t get a hold free of her memories by throwing her stuff out, perhaps she didn’t catch soul peace, she perhaps wandering and aspire to colloquy to you, sorry, if you permit, I be capable of manage you slang to her. He says no, its not needed, verve and sleep, I will too go. He goes. She says I got saved, it will be fun.

Its morning, Vidhaan gets on the verge of and rehearses. Niyati smiles. She says I discern you be able to by no means make sure of everything wrong. He says I was being paid a good shirt. She kisses him. He says I got a draw today. Piyali looks on. Falguni illumination diya. She sees diya gleaming and blowing off. Uttara says its a unmanageable omen. beaker breaks. Servant picks it. Niyati says milk boiled a good deal and got spilled. Uttara says its in addition a deficient sign. Suyash gets be fitting for Vidhaan and asks Niyati to commit it to him. He says its dad’s suit, he gave it to me at the time of my essential deal. Falguni says I will catch your bag. Piyali sees her development and acts. She says we will ruin their business, Vidhaan’s number one arrangement will ruin him. Falguni gets shocked.

She asks Piyali about the deal. Piyali says Vidhaan’s agreement will ruin the family, I arrange to hurt your family, you look after could you repeat that? you want, I will carry out I beg your pardon? I want. Falguni scolds her and says I will interrupt Vidhaan. Piyali stops Niyati. Niyati says I m attractive curd and darling for Vidhaan, as he is open for primary deal. Piyali asks really, she told me that she will end Vidhaan from signing the deal.

Niyati says I will demand her the reason, I conviction her. Piyali says your conviction will ending completely. Suyash and Jayant want Vidhaan every single one the best. Falguni stops Vidhaan and says I got to experience the clients aren’t good, Vidhaan you won’t mark the deal. Niyati says we met them, what’s the reason. Piyali says yes, near will be a quantity of reason. Falguni says my central part isn’t agreeing. Suyash says we produce check well, you discern we require this deal. Niyati and Jayant invite Falguni to give permission Vidhaan go, Suyash and worked for deal, he knows everything. Suyash asks Vidhaan to scarcely go. Vidhaan stumbles and goes. Piyali smiles. please share to a friend…

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