3 Days To Go Dankan Williams Reveals What Will Happen Before The End Of August.

Often times we have seen and heard a lot of powerful men of GOD in Ghana, tell us what GOD has revealed to the good people of Ghana, that within a period or time frame that something will happen in Ghana. And we all can bear witness that such things do occur, as it was being said by a particular Man of GOD.
One of the powerful men of GOD that is known to give divine prophecies that is said to be direct from God, and undiluted is Duncan Williams. The good people of Ghana believe that he is one of the best Man of GOD that Ghana has produced in recent times. It is said that his prophecies and revelations will happen at the said and expected time. Which is to say, he hears directly from GOD Almighty.

The Cleric has Revealed what the LORD has instruct him tell the good people of Ghana that he said is set to Happen in Ghana before the end of this Month of August. And as we know that such revelations do come to pass, because this is not the first time he is given out such revelations or prophecies to the food people of Ghana.

Below are the revelations and Prophecies as I was able to gather them. If you can have faith and believe in this powerful revelations, prophecies and utterances, be rest assured that your life will never remain the same in JESUS name.

The good LORD has placed in my heart to tell you today that as it remains three days to end the month of August, You shall smile alongside your loved ones and tour household in JESUS name.
As many as will believe in what GOD can do, before the end of this month of August, GOD in his infinite mercy shall restore back to you all this past weeks you’ve lost a lot of blessings and financial breakthrough, in JESUS name.
According to Obadiah 1 vs 17, I decree and declare that upon mount Zion, you’re delivered from Every afflictions of the enemies, you’re delivered from Every Spirit of setback in your businesses and life endeavors. And you shall posse your possessions in the land of the living on JESUS name.

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