STRANGE: Check this before buying ‘Waakye’ again

We all love eating waakye. Interestingly, although waakye may be prepared at home, most lovers of this nutritious Ghanaian dish prefer the waakye sold by vendors, mostly along the roadside.

Nobody knows why but they have a little mystery about why their waakye tastes different from the one they served at home.

“Apart from being nutritious, I also enjoy it very much because of the ingredients used in the cooking, if the stew and shito that complement it is very tasty.

At this special spot in North Kaneshie I buy my waakye,’

“There’s this taste, particularly when the leaves are packed and that’s what makes me love the food.”

“I really enjoy waakye, particularly in the morning, with all the supplements except the gari, because i use my own gari at home”

But this one thing you need to test before you buy waakye next time.

Test how the retailer receives the consumer money. Whether she gathers the money with her right hand then transfers the money with her right hand and uses the same hand to help the next client lets be very careful.

Aside from infection movement, you are at significant risk of food poisoning, so you should test how your waakye seller keeps her money

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