Nana Kunadu didn’t want to be an NDC Flag bearer : Rawlings defends his wife.

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has vehemently denied allegations made against him by one of his former appointees, Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, that his ex-wife Nana Kondu Agyeman-Rawlings is nursing presidential aspirations and wants to be John’s companion. Atta-Mills for the 2000 Presidential Election.

In his book Working with Rawlings, Ahwoi, a former local government minister, accused the former First Lady of wanting her husband to succeed her as president.

Rawlings was President and Head of State of the Republic of Ghana for 19 years, retiring in 2000, after four consecutive years in office.

On page 191 of ‘Working with Rawlings’, Ahwoi writes: “Nana bought Agyeman-Rawlings’ presidential ambitions and believes she will hand over to her husband Jerry Rawlings in 2000”.

In a statement signed by the former president’s office, Kobina Andoh Amoakwa said that the former First Lady had no intention of running for the presidency in 2000, let alone Professor Atta-Mills.

When the “Swede Declaration” was made (before the 2000 election), Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings actually worked for many months from Ghana on the World Health Organization (WHO) women’s health project. The author can verify where he or any of his proof-readers are willing to do so. Information about the declaration was given while she was abroad. Certainly, if logic meant that she would run in that election, she would have campaigned, or at least would have driven her campaign to achieve her presidential goals, ”the statement added.

“At no time did she suggest to President Rawlings or party members that she had any intention or inclination to be a flag bearer for the party. Upon her return to the country, she rapidly devised her campaign strategy and machinery in support of Professor Mills. Another fact that can be easily and openly verified.”

Rawlings claims that Professor Ahwoi is using his book to remove the wonderful role played by Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings in the history of PNDC and NDC.

He described what Professor Ahwoi wrote in his book as “unworthy of an educator”.

“The role, hard work, strategy and organizational talent that Nana Konadu has applied to build and drive NDC to countless successes can never be underestimated. You, you have no history to speak of, ”Rawlings said.
He also said: “Nana Konadu has played an integral role in the development of both PNDC and NDC, and the author’s attempts to dismiss her and nullify her crucial strategic and organizational role are another disappointment of the book.”

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