JUST IN: Allowance To Be Paid. Check The Date…

The minister of education of Dr. Mathew Opoku prempeh a.k.a NAPO in collaboration with the student trust loan fund(STLF) had finally delivered the date for the payment of teacher trainees allowance.

According to the minister, he said that the payment of this allowance will be final for the four (4) months per semester.This further implies that, we are yet to pay teacher trainees last allowance. Ideally, we have paid all allowances for three good months and the final one will be paid on 29th or 30th August, 2020.Moreover again, the minister of education with its ministry are also putting appropriate measures in place to intervene or come into the matter on why teacher trainees should pay examination fee of 400 cedis. Also, decision such as refunding of teacher trainees feeding components would be taken into consideration.Now, embarking on what the president of the republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo said on Sunday August 16, 2020 that all safety protocols in covid-19 still should be observed critically as pre tertiary Students are returning to campus for preparation towards their exams.Finally, thank you very much for reading this article. May Allah richly bless you and your family. And please, don’t forget to share, like and follow.

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