Roland comes to you with another controversial topic. Today our point of focus will be on education, which seems like a topic everyone is tired to hear about but, hey, there is no way you are ever going to get education out of the picture in this life. As children we have been fed with this notion that education is the key to success. Well we are here to find out whether education is really the key and the only key to open the door to success. First of all, from this controversial quote there are three prevalent topics that need much elaboration namely; Education, Key and Success. Don’t worry you wouldn’t have to refer to any dictionary or websites for definitions because, Roland has got you covered. Let’s get into it then.
Education is simply the process of imparting and acquiring knowledge (thus teaching and learning). Today our perception about education has brought a marginal setback as we place all our attention to the formal type of education (school-based education so to say). Have we considered the little skills we learn from home from our parents, learning how to sweep, wash dishes et al. The carpenter apprentice who seeks to become a master one day in the carpentry space and guide another apprentice in his line of work. What about the masons, the plumbers, the barbers and the hairdressers? These people never sat in a classroom to copy notes neither did they get up from bed and start working. They must have gotten some guidance from someone, whom they learnt from. Now liken this scenario to the definition of education stated early in this same paragraph. Undoubtedly, this is also a matter of teaching and learning, the whole concept of education.
Next, we talk about Key. A key is basically a device or instrument used to unlock and lock something to gain access it and also to deny unauthorized people from gaining access. However, in this context it is used figuratively. The quote suggests that without education (they Key) one cannot open the door to success which is everyone’s goal.
Success, finally is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. From this we notice that success differs from person to person since the people have different aims or goals in life. a successful person is one who has accomplished his aims and goals in life.
Haven given much elaboration of the key topics, lets delve into the discussion proper. Is education really the key to success? From all that I have sated above, you would realize that without some form of education, one cannot achieve his or her goals. I have cleared the notion about education as well, education is definitely not only about the classroom. Education can be achieved in our homes, work places and just anywhere, I should say. Now how does that have an effect on our success? Without being taught you we are bound to be misguided with whatever venture we want to achieve. In effect consciously or unconsciously, we seek guidance from different people whom teach us and we consequently learn from them to perform whatever task or goals we have laid before ourselves. Education is definitely the backbone of everyone’s success.
It is important to note that not every form of education that suits everyone. In Ghana we are all focused on the formal education to the neglect of the other aspects of education as though that works for everyone. We need to change our mentality as a nation, giving attention to education at our homes, amongst friends and other places, where the skills holding the nation are actually practiced. Imagine a country without farmers, who would get us food crops, what about the caterer, who would cook the foods for us to eat? Imagine how many classes people who depend on the farmer and caterer, absolutely everyone, the teachers, students, doctors, mechanics, just to mention but a few. That’s just one scenario out of the many. In a nut shell, education is more than what we think, it is and is definitely the backbone of everyone’s success. All we have to do is choose the right form of education and we are good to go.
We have achieved our task for today coming to the conclusion that education is the key to success as has been said. Meet you another time

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