Ironic Madman spoken word lyrics by Elidior the Poet

I never understood who made the rule

That the majority rules

I’m not saying is not cool but what if one day the minority was right too

I never understood who declared the Madman man?

The Madman knows not he’s mad, right?

We know the wrong but we do it right?

The Madman is mad so he behaves like a madman

We are not mad but we behave like a madman

So now who is mad?

The madman lives in filth, we do too

The madman does not labour but he’s expect to eat, we do too

The madman doesn’t discriminate, he doesn’t vote more than once

But the madman is violence, Yes! We are too

I once had a conversation with a madman

He told me he wasn’t crazy, the world was

He said to me, why do you call a fruit which is green orange

Why do you vote for a person, who calls himself a politician to spend your money

Why do you fight for religion sake.

Don’t you think your god can defend himself?

Where lies your faith?

Why do you discriminate whiles we’re all bound to die one day

You force luxury to be necessity

The demand line is straight but you call it a curve

That is far from sanity

That little girl should be reading her books but she roams on the street all in the name of poverty whiles her parents live in comfort harmony

You place weight on walls, so the poor man’s idea don’t count

Your lives are determined by A4 sheet you call a certificate

They once called me a failure because I could not pass my science paper to get me into law school. Hey! That’s cool.

For you force your children to be what you couldn’t be, so they end up like China phone imitation they can’t push through the system’s limitations

Why do you propose, make love, get her pregnant and call it a mistake?

You punish your children for lying whiles you’re engaged in corruption

You dress hypocracy to look like democracy but beneath it is total leptocracy

You see, the madman told me he will soon write a manifesto because this world is actually crazy.

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