If this alleged NDC manifesto is true, NPP should forget 2020 elections.

2020 election is getting hotter and hotter everyday.

This week happens to be the week of manifestoes.

The New Patriotic Party launched their manifesto this week in Cape Coast.

The major issue that came up was the construction of airport and harbour for good people of Cape Coast.

This gain much talking points.

Next to happen is the NDC manifesto. They are yet to launch their manifesto but there has been a leaked of this manifesto.

There has been an alleged Manifesto of the National Democratic Congress circulating on various social media platforms.

This manifesto cuts across every sector of the economy.

And if this alleged Manifesto happens to the manifesto of the great opposition party NDC, then there is much to be worried about by NPP.

The alleged manifesto of the National Democratic Congress is below.

1. Revise and strengthen the work of Inner City and Zongo Development

2. Make Arabic examinable by 2022 in the BECE exams

3. Provide adequate text books and TLMs for all basic schools

4. Expedite work on upgrading applications at all public service offices.

5. Free education from KG to SHS, No admission fee at nursing, teaching and technical college/Universities

6. Double road linking all region capitals

7. Allowance for assembly members and elections of DCC

8. One District, One State Farm and processing factory

9. Loan scheme for local manufacturers, business men and women, reduction of taxes. 

10. Complete all abandoned projects

11. Reintroduction of Free fertilizers and seedlings to farmers

12. Computer and science lab for all schools from basic to tertiary

13. Dualize Accra to Aflao, Cape Coast, Kumasi roads.

14. National Apprenticeship Program: 100,000 Youth to Benefit with monthly Stipends

15. Free Primary Health Care for children and the aged

16. Agenda 1million jobs for the youth.

17. BIG Push: $10Billion Infrastructure Program

18. Reverse the privatisation of the Kotoka International Airport

19. End insecurity, impunity, lawlessness and sanitize the security services

20. Double the capacity of 37 Military Hospital 

21. Construct two international-standard Infectious Diseases Centres.

22. Establish two additional international research centres. 

23. Establish a National Infectious Disease Response Plan.

24. Make Ghana safe for journalists.

25. Pay all depositers of all banks collapsed by the Nana Addo NPP government including Mensgold

26. Build Regional Hospitals in all the Newly created Regions

27. Build Technical Universities in all the newly created Regions.

28. Free Technical & Vocational Education.

29. Cancel Teacher National Service program introduced by Nana Addo NPP government and ensure automatic postings for teachers

30. Cancel Teacher Licensure Exams

31. Continue the Payment of Teachers & Nurses allowances 

32. Cancel the double track system in the free SHS to ensure quality education

33. Increase Cocoa producing price in the first cocoa season and also build Cocoa Processing Factory

34. Free duty for all commercial Cars

35. Drastically Reduce the size of ministers in government 

36. Pay Assembly men monthly allowance

37. Compulsory retirement scheme for informal sectors.

38. One school at each district will offer technical and agriculture course

39. All formal sectors will enjoy cup 30 retirement scheme.

40. Teachers will get clothes, accommodation and transportation allowance 10% each , in all 30% salary increase.

41. Restore the integrity of Electoral Commission, National Security and Judiciary.

42. Operation Sting to fight corruption

43. Protect the Citizenship of all Ghanaians and treat all Tribes equally.

44. Employ permanently more Arabic language teachers into Islamic schools

45. Standardize the teaching of Arabic language in all Islamic schools nationwide.

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