Speaking of nightmares, one every student has is to prepare for an exam
They become like crazy heartbroken fellas who have no idea what to expect
or what to do. They try to study yet nothing stays in their head because they
are in a hurry to capture everything in their heads.
This dilemma almost every student has has been there for centuries, the
fear of an impending exam scares them like the sound of judgement day to Christians.
They try to study but at the end they just skim through their books like a reader looking for a keyword and it never ends well this way.
They see their friends going out with their books to study and that makes
them feel like they have studied nothing and therefore they force themselves to follow their friends to go and study.
Today i present to you one way most students use to really study when there is a impending exam and it actually stays in their head and they also mostly get lucky and this is called answering sample questions or similar questions according to any subject you want to begin with.
With the current online studying and stuff, lecturers and other tutors will or may have no choice than to look for questions online for us students to do during an exam, either you will be called to school or you write it online and i have a tool to help you get sample or similar questions to solve before your actual exam comes and this is what brings us to what we call Google Dorks.
There are so many Google Dorks but we will be concentrating on one which is
If you go to your google search engine and type this. trust me you will get tons of sample questions under the subject you will type in your subject area in the dork and this will even serve as an exam simulation before the
actual exam comes and who knows you may even be so lucky to find some of the questions you solved from the dork in your actual exam
wouldn’t that be great? So this is some sort of a simulation to get you prepared and also ready for your impending exam.

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