“God says you will lose this year’s elections” – Bishop Stephen Appiah.

The founder of New Life Kingdom Church Bishop Stephen Appiah has said that the person that is going to win this coming Presidential election will be a candidate from the National Democratic Congress.

Each year election accompanies its own forecasts and predictions. It appears God is truly keen on disclosing to us who will win a political race in this nation, the same number of righteous men come out with forecasts they guarantee originated from God. Cleric Stephen Appiah gave Ghanaians this expectation during Sunday faith gathering. He said Nana Akufo Addo may do all that he can, however, what God has said is the thing that will remain. 

Jesus Aheofe as he is prominently known proceeded to disassociate himself from any ideological group. We can concur that in any event, when you guarantee to be talking from a prediction from God, an area of Ghanaians and lawmakers will label you as having a place with the restricting party. He made it understood however that the main way the sitting President can win the political election is if God intercedes and alters his perspective.

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