God Is Superior:Have A Look Of Some Plants That Look Like Human Parts.

This world is full of amazing creatures especially plants which were all created by God.

Some of these creatures are so unique that one will wonder how they came into existence.

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Some of these creatures are plants. Some of these plants are so unique and overwhelming that, their parts look exactly like that of humans.

These are not normal plants as they are really hard to trace and find.

Upon thorough research, we’ve come to identify 8 plants which look exactly like Human body parts.

1.Auricularia auricula

Auricularia auricula is a mushroom that looks exactly like the human ear. It has a chewy fruity part that looks like the human ear.

It is usually soft during the rainy seasons and hard like a bone in the dry seasons.


This is a unique and creepy flower that looks like the human skull.

It got the name dragon’s mouth from Indonesia because the shape looked like a dragon’s head.

3.Psychotria elatra

This planet is usually seen when traveling to South America. It has slightly shape leaves with a red color centered which looks like the shape of thick lips.

This plant always attracts every eye that comes across it.


The leaves are wide with cluster of flowers. The skin of the fruit is red with white meat and black seeds which are of the size of a coffee bean and it’s found inside the plant.

The characteristics of this plant makes it look like human eyeballs.

5.Poppy plant

This type of plant is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. The plant is fragile and increasingly made dazzling.

The poppy plant resembles the female genitalia and consist of 120 species.

6.False Morels

These plants have a wavy lobed surface which is similar to the cerebral cortex of our brains.

False morels are not completely attached to their stems.

7.Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

These plants are found in the remote mountains of Cambodia.

Since they are carnivorous, they do not tap their nutrients from the sun but from insects and animals.

This plant look similar to the male genitalia.

8.Loofah Vietnam

Have you ever seen a fruit that looks like a woman’s breast? If not, then one exist and it’s name is Loofah fruit from Vietnam.

From the name, this fruit originates from Vietnam.

The Loofah fruit has a pink color with enlarge body portions and a black lump similar to the one on the breast.

There you have it guys. Which of these fruits and plants made you appreciate the handy work of God.

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