Entertainment comes in so many forms, through sports, gaming, training, listening to music and
watching music videos and finally, watching movies.
Movies on the other hand come in so many genres, romantic, horror, comedy, action, fiction, sci-fi and many others.
So for a while now people have been asking, where do you get those movies and series to download
all the time and how come you don’t pay some money to watch them?
As many of us know, there are many platforms to watch movies on but you pay to especially the almighty
Netflix and many others which are available only in the US but there are some hidden websites where you can get
movies not to buy, but to download for free without paying even 1 penny and some of these websites are as follows
These three are so far the best to get free movie downloads, all you need is a cool internet connection, some patience
and space on whatever device you are using so these sites will help you get any movie you want.
lightdl though, gives you access to not just any movie, you have series, cartoons, full length movies, even games
download, Americas Got Talent and many other TV shows.
Foumovies on the other hand gives access to full length movies and cartoons unfortunately no games nor series to download
but you will love this site even more because of how current their movies are, ranging from movies from the 90s to 2020 and the future
ones that will be coming will also be on that site for you and i to download.
O2tvseries as the name goes is also for movie series only and sometimes for wrestling episodes download, unfortunately even
though the above ones have ads, this particular one has loads of ads that will definitely annoy you and their movie quality isn’t
as high as lightdl but they sure have smaller sizes and are better watched on your phone because on your phone, the quality is normal.
The last i will like to talk about is the new app in town everyone has been talking about, Telegram. On Telegram, you can everything
from series to movies to cartoons to games to softwares ad other stuff so i highly recommend Telegram but you will need a little more patience
because downloading from Telegram is a little slower compared with the rest but it is highly worth it.
So these are my picks for websites and app for downloading movies have a great watch.

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