Dangerous News For Ashanti Regional Chairman-Simon Osei Mensah.

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on the Dangers of Ethnocentrism to Ghana’s Unity, Stability, Peace and Security has required the acquiescence of the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah over supposed ethnocentric remarks he made against Northerners. 

The CSOs drove by the Strategic Thinkers Network (STRANEK) says the president must sack the Minister in the event that he neglects to leave or they will be compelled to battle against the decision NPP. 

At a question and answer session tended to by Ni Tettey Tetteh, Executive Director, he said the previous agent agric serve Mr. William Quaitoo had to leave over disdainful remarks he made against individuals from the north. 

Mr. Quaitoo was broadly hammered for portraying individuals from the north as troublesome individuals in 2017. 

The CSOs says similarly as the previous appointee serve surrendered, the Ashanti Regional Minister ought to have additionally been denounced and sacked. 

The president must not spare a moment to ask Simon Osei Mensah to leave or cause his excusal to show his loathing to troublesome remarks that are antagonistic to our solidarity as a nation.” 

The Minister was in 2019 blamed for offering criticizing remarks; remarks which were ancestral, and asserted to break the harmony and union of this nation. 

He, be that as it may, denied the claims however the CSOs need him terminated or they will crusade against the administration. 

They additionally referred to remarks made by Mr. K.T Hammond, the MP for Adansi Asokwa for making ”alarming, profoundly, upsetting remarks saying that Togolese and individuals of the Volta Region are of a similar clan thus they stroll into Ghana however they are not Ghanaians”. 

These remarks they guarantee framed piece of a state-supported, demonstrations of public disunity and foundational underestimation of non-Akan speaking Ghanaians. 

“We saw the supported endeavors to forestall a segment of the Ghanaian populace from enrollment to cast a ballot in the simply finished enlistment practice led by the Electoral Commission of Ghana. These were demonstrations of segregation

These improvements are hazardous and they speak to the best danger to our public solidarity, soundness, harmony and security venture. Ass the young people of this nation, we will be the most noticeably awful influenced when anything untoward occurs. We have stood by persistently of our ethical voices to criticize these ills. Tragically, the majority of them stay quiet. We altogether censure ethnocentric remarks. Remarks like these, make bedlam and peril and is exceptionally inadmissible.” 

Then, the CSOs have likewise implied of their purpose to set a checking system to name, disgrace and even consider lawful activity against any individual who participates in any demonstration of ethnocentrism or ancestral dogmatism.

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