The movie industry is growing and evolves as time goes by, it is no longer what it used to be. Back then you can watch movies freely, kids can watch movies on their own, without parents getting scared. They hardly showcase any dirty display or scene, they hardly do anything bad.

These days times have changed, the world has evolved, the movie industry is not what what it was anymore. Now women and men go unclad for a movie scene, they do not care about culture or religion anymore. They do it for the money they earn, and this has greatly affected the nation.

Our religion is constantly under threat because of things of the world, it is better you protect your self from anything that would cause you to sin. According to rating, here are the list of movies adults should watch only;

1. Team America, World Police (2004)

2. Below Her Mouth

3. Love

4. Someone Great

5. Duck Butter

6. Newness

7. Nappily Ever After

8. Tiger

9. God’s Own Country

10. Compulsion

11. Dry Martina

12. Original Sin

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