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[8/26, 10:30 AM] PenGod: The sun has already set, the stars and the moon has begun to flick their luminous natural phenomenon bright light. The chicken were all in the coop, the goats and sheep has been led to their pen.
Our dog, Bongo,is still breaking the leftover bones. As I was about to pick my story book to glance through to read the sweet poetry of the 53rd page, I heard my mother yelling my name, Akua, Akua, Akua. I almost got mad because the pitch of my mother’s voice could even kill a bat. I came out from the room, the smile on my mother’s face gave me some relief. Get me a Milo and bread, I want to prepare tea for us tonight. Said my mother. As I heard the joyous news from my mother it made me ran so fast without even looking forward for what lies ahead.
As I was going I run into this object I didn’t even know what it was because I was knocked out. I woke up some minutes later with this handsome dark looking man starring at me. Oh you’re alive, Said the guy. Why, did I die? I retaliated. No you fainted, he replied. He helped me to get up. My name is George he said, I’m Akua. His voice was so sweet, at that moment I had already fallen in love with him.
[8/26, 10:38 AM] PenGod: The next day he came to visit me and asked how I feel. We talked over hours the chemistry was so strong it felt like I’ve known him for years. We started going out. He told me about his dreams and aspirations. I believed in him and loved him. He proposed to me and the love I have for him couldn’t made me deny the opportunity. He promised me, he will treat me like a Queen. He said he will Never let me feel pain.
One day he told me he will be traveling so I should come and visit him and say farewell. I went there, he started touching me and when I refused he knocked me down and strip my dress and he… Oh No! He raped me. Now my belly has portruded. I’m six months pregnant. My whole life is a mess. The day I met him is the worst day of my life. I Wish I never him

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