Sunshine and sunset, beautiful days keep coming ahead
Summer comes and winter goes and the cycle keeps in motion
Times change, people too but i do not know about me or you
Eyes open under every new day yet there is nothing new today
Mistakes i made so heavy that they keep growing on my back
Wanting to forgive myself but they seem unforgivable
Preaching positive but doing the opposite
Trying to change but time seems to freeze every time i try to
Hating me to my inner being every single time i breathe
Trying to forgive myself but even when i do, i don’t
Constant reminders as de ja vu keeps repeating
Trying to forget but impossible to
Feeling like a vessel to anything and everything
Like i never control me, perhaps someone else does
The hate i give keeps increasing in weight
The burden enlarging so much its getting too heavy
Trying to put down but not being able
The hate i give is the master of me

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