SAD:Popular Actor, Waakye rushed to spiritualist, after health becomes critical.

It has been very long since popular actor, Waakye, was seen on out television sets. One movie he acted well, which can not be forgotten is “Chorkor Trotro”. Well, Waakye is now in a critical state.

Sudden stroke hit the popular actor, Waakye, and has rendered him weak and miserable. According to reports, Waakye has been rushed to a spiritualist, for immediate help, after lying at the hospital for a long time, yielded him no fruit.

Waakye was also reported to have been low on funds, and found it very difficult to pay for some of his hospital bills, and also money to be discharged from hospital.

Currently, he is in a critical state, and is with a spiritualist, who he believes could save him from meeting his demise.

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