NPP is likely to lose the 2020 general election due to this 5 reasons

The New Partriotic Party npyp are the party currently in power after they won the election in the year 2016 from the National democratic Congress NDC, before gaining power, they made many promises to ghanaians which touched on the hearts of many ghanaians and that made them believe in the party so they voted for the party to come into power.

After the party coming into power, they did so many good things such as the implementing of the free senior high school project, in which many students benefited from especially those with poor financial backgrounds and they are really applauded for that.

But with all that the party didn’t get, are they sure they can win the 2020 election again? Well in this article, I would like to outline five major reasons why the party may likely lose the 2020 general election.

1. The use of military in the recent new voters ID card registration;

During the latest voters ID card registration in Ghana which just ended recently, there was a high military presence in some voting centres especially in the Volta Region towns closer to the Ghana and Togo border popular known as Aflao border, this made many people including chiefs in those particular areas to raise concern over the presence of the military in their localities because it raises fear in them.

even though the military did not harm anybody but rather, they were just on their normal duties, but Ghana being a peaceful country, and this not being the first voters ID card registration exercise in Ghana, they needed peaceful mind to help register but with the presence of the military, they felt insecure, and according to the government, those military men are sent there to prevent outsiders or people from other countries entering into the country to register.

Ghana is a country where people are usually afraid of military men, so their presence there may make them feel uneasy and that can make those who once believed in the party lose their trust in the party.

2. Unpunished corrupt officials;

One of the party top official Honorable Keennedy Agyapong who is the member of parliament for Assin Central, he was alleged in a corrupt practice by the Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, but his punishment was only-begotten given by the FIFA and that is he should not attend football matches neither should he watch football matches on his TV, but in the country Ghana where he lives he was not punished and that alone shows the party incompetency.

Kennedy Agyapong once threaten the life of the journalist Ahmed Suale, and within some days he was killed but no investigation was taken to help show the real murderer.

3. Unpaid menzgold and GN bank customers;

Many people even the party NPP representatives seems to forget about this, but rather this is a serious case that they should take note of because many of those Menzgold and GN bank customers maybe NPP supporters, but since the government failed to intervene In their cry for the money, they may wage that against the party by voting the party out of power this year, because all they will want is somebody who will come into power and help them get their money back.

4. 2020 Wassce saga;

After the introduction of the free senior high School and feeding projects, most of those students failed to learn because they were expecting the government to give them a leaked paper or with the presence of the coronavirus, they were expecting the government to make the exam more easier for them so they failed to learn, but the government made the exam look normal just as it is always so that made the unserious students not to be able to perform as they expected.

That made many students to come out insulting the president in live videos and others also being angry destroying properties, well some of those students may also be supporters of the new patriotic party and since Ghana is a country where people hardly appreciate, the third-year students may think they are already out of school so they can now vote the party out of power.

5. So many unfulfilled promises;

Before the party comming into power, they made so many promises to ghanaians which touched the hearts of many ghanaians, and that is what made them vote the party into power, but since the party took power, it failed to fulfill most of its promises but rather choose to do order things in which was not in their manifesto. Share..

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