Lady Runs Mad After Getting Down From A “Toyota Venza” Owned By A Sakawa Guy ( Watch Video)

A lady runs mad after coming down from a Toyota Venza owned by a Gameboy.
A video that is really fast trending shows a woman in her mad state. It was reported to Instagram Blogger Gossipmail Naija that the incidence occurred after the lady came down from a Toyota Venza.

The incidence is said to have happened at Auchi Edo State in Nigeria.

The lady who could be seen in the video forcing to gain consciousness back to her perfect state of mind had one man narrating what transpired at the background.

Read a few comments on it below:

  • What if she took drugs or strong weed and that’s the aftermath? Probably a case of “temporary” insanity.
  • Lol everything on yahoo boy 😂😂 … who knows if na yahoo man 😂😂
  • Na election period we dey always see things like this
  • Everything nw na Yahoo boys, very rubbish talk, people have been running mad since the beginning of the world.
  • Ah for this same Auchi 9 I no hear or see,it is well,everything is not yahoo boy some na home problem🙄
  • All the slay queen avoiding this post 😂
  • Omo I can’t understand a shiit they saying….uuuuuse one ba one😂😂😂
  • She too a lot of drug and ran mad 😢
  • 😭😭😭 I thought this nonsense has stopped??😭.”

Watch the video below:

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