Just In:All Voltarians In Ghana Should Take Note Of The Following Before Commencement Of The Election-Jerry John Rawlings.

Rawlings Sends A Clear Message To His Home Grown Voltarians Ahead Of December Elections

The late professor Mills took these decision when Mr Rawlings started attacking the late professor Atta Mills. Why now? What Mr Kwamena Ahwoi wanted to achieve?

Kwamena Ahwoi was born in 13 October 1951 over 65 years ago. Kwamena Ahoi is a Ghanaian politician, who served as Minister for Local Government and Rural Development from 1990 to 2001 in the National Democratic Congress NDC government during the reign of Jerry Rawlings.

Kwamena Ahwoi is a member and one the founding father of National Democratic Congress NDC.

Kwamena Ahwoi has proven to be man of integrity who has held various positions in government and businesses.

Former President Mr Rawlings Sends A Clear Message To Voltarians Ahead Of 2020 General Election.

The founder of the National Democratic Congress NDC has has finally descended on the opposition NDC. According to him,he said NDC can not win the voltarians again because they have suffered under NDC for the past 8 years. The founding father of the party said so for some peculiar reasons.

Read why the founder of the party is saying so.

Politics in Ghana has suddenly become a very lucrative Job,a business so lucrative that Lawyers, Doctors ,Educationists and Business Gurus can not disassociate themselves from it. In Ghana today ,the practice of engaging or deploying less privilege individuals, groups or societies to work and fight for a particular political party to win an election has now become the order of the day. Since the introduction of Democratic rule or governance in Ghana ,there had never been an election without political violence here and there. What do we gain from all these acts ?

The 2020 general election is just some few months away from now. And as usual we going to hear one political party fighting the other. As I said earlier, since the introduction of Democratic rule or governance in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) happened to be a political party who ruled this country than any other political party. But they have achieved absolutely nothing for the past 25 years. Now my question is ‘ Why Is Mahama Desperate For Power Again After Failing Us? Just relax and read on. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

It beats my imagination when I see the former President John Dramani Mahama who took over from the late John Evan Atta Mills and was constitutionally elected in the year 2012,talking on platforms,radio and TV stations insulting and criticising the current President of the Republic of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo. As if him(John Mahama) never ruled this country called Ghana before.John Dramani Mahama was once a Vice President and as well as a President of Ghana for four good years and what did he do? Is it about insulting and criticising that will enable Ghanaians to vote for you this time around while you knew very well that you came to do nothing for this country. He (John Mahama) always talk about infrastructure. Is infrastructure the only thing that we need in this country? If yes,why didn’t you and your NDC government do it for the past 25 years.

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Why is Mahama Desperate For Power Again? Why will you vote for Mahama to come and deceive us again. He was a mandate in 2012 and in 2016 they kicked him out. This tells you that,he didn’t do any good job when he was in power for four good years. If he really has done something better ,he would not have been voted against but he will be given another 4 years mandate to continue. Now that he is disturbing and deceiving people to give him another chance. To come and do what if I may ask? Ghanaians are not blind to vote for you again. Once a soldier is always a soldier.

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You were once an Assemblyman, a communication Minister, Vice President and Substantive President as well. You could have done something better for all this while. But,what can you boast of now. Anyway, are you the only person in the National Democratic Congress who can rule better? You have done your best for this country. You are not the only person in the party who can do better ,give other people the chance as well. You think Jane Nana your female Vice Candidate can help you achieve something or win this election?? Because you are Desperate for power,you went to choose Jana Nana so that you can deceive the Ghanaian populace .

In your time as a President of this country, you took us to International Monetary Fund (IMF), embargoes were laid on employment, Minister have received double salaries, you pay teachers only three months salary after working for two good years, you cancelled teacher and nurses trainees allowance and many others. You were the very person who said you will cancel free senior high schoo education when you are elected again but you are now saying that, free senior high schools education has come to stay. You seem to doubt everything that the current President plan to do. The propaganda is too much. Ghanaians don’t need you again. We are tired of you. Despite this write up.Mahama is still the Flagbearer of The NDC. You can chose to vote for him or not.

This is just an opinion from a concerned Ghanaian.

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  1. He’s not making any sense what can he as a voltarian point to say that he has done in volta region before attacking others

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