I Will Legalized “Galamsey”When Voted Into Power-John Mahama.

This year is an election year and all the parties in Ghana are doing their possible best to meet the needs of Ghanaians. Some of the party have been able to launch their manifesto successful others are yet to do so.

Today the flag bearer of NDC, John Dramani Mahama and his running mate went on tour to the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Upon reaching there,they made their mind to visit the King of Ashanti Region, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Otumfuor said he wasn’t happy at to see citizens killing themselves just in the name of voters ID. According to Nana,he is pleading with all the political parties to ensure peaceful election.

After the advise from Otumfuor,John Dramani Mahama also used that means to talk to citizens around there.

Mahama was talking about how he can Legalized Galamsey when voted into power.

According to John Mahama when he comes into power or voted he will try and put all necessary measures in other for the “Galamsey ” people to start working again.

When Mahama was delivering he made it known to Ghanaians that,they should worry because all ceased excavators will be refund to the owners.

He said they will laid down good measures to mine that can generate income to the country Ghana.

Mahama also promised Ghanaians that we should not be afraid of our natural resources because the measures will be set in place to protect them.

We will will form a team called Mining Safety Cooperators to monitor the activities of workers.

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