You’ve had your eyes on that cute girl for so long and want to ask her out but don’t know how to
probably because you are afraid of getting rejected or because you are shy? It’s true asking a girl out is
one scary thing to do
Girls would always want the guy to make the first move even if they are into the girl( I don’t really know
why). Whatever the reasons might be, man up, and ask her out.
I’ve put together some ways to ask a girl out and also get her to say yes.

Act confident
You will be shy when approaching that one girl you like( no matter how bold and confident you are you
will be shy). Your posture talks a lot of your confidence. Yoo bro look at her. Why do you have to look
down or anywhere else. Look into her eyes. Looking directly into someone’s else especially girls causes
them to blush I tell you. Don’t cross your arms it’s kinda rude you know. You are only paving way for
your rejection.

Notes or text
If you still can’t act all confident, try writing a note ( yhh I know it’s old fashioned) and slipping it into her
notebook or locker and bag. Believe me girls find it cute( even though they won’t admit it). Better still,
you can try the more modern way, texting. Texting is the most common way we guys use to ask girls out.
“ I was wondering if we could go out sometime this Friday” ( like what are you wondering) make it a
little bit romantic or something go straight to the point “ I would love to go out with you this Friday….
that is if you don’t mind”?. Girls like romantic stuff no matter how tough she looks romantic stuff really
catches the attention of girls even for a little while.
Try to be simple
Always remember you have to impress her. Don’t go acting all cool and forget to impress her. At least
try to compliment her on her dressing, her hair just anything to make her smile and even possibly make
her blush. Acting all cool and talking about yourself mostly in front of girls just makes them think you are
trying to hard and not trying to be yourself.
If you still feel like you will be all nervous then just simply walk over to her, and be like “ hey I’m
running a little late but I just want to say you are beautiful and you caught my eye would you mind
giving me your number”?.

Dress decently

Not that you have to wear a nice suit and tie, don’t try to look like a rich fella no a simple well ironed
pair of trousers or shorts with a neatly washed ironed shirt that is if you approach her maybe outside
class or office. Casual wears also go. If you’re into sports, you might want to ask before you begin your
sporting activity. But no matter what dress in what you feel will make you comfortable. Girls like what
they see first before what they hear.


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