Breaking News:Hon Kennedy Agyapong Has Vowed Not To Forgive One OF The top NPP Senior members.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong the member of Parliament for Assin Central, on the rear of some inward fighting in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in August 2014 communicated his disturb and disillusionment in the-then General Secretary of the party, Kwabena Agyapong. 

He asserted that in spite of his discernment that Kwabena Agyapong was a well principled member, he fairly turned out the inverse. 

Kennedy Agyapong said the activities of his comrade caused him disfavor that he isn’t prepared to pardon him for. 

Talking in an association with “Ade Akye Abia” on Okay FM, Kennedy Agyapong said “I have never been disfavored in my life like the way Kwabena Agyapong has done to me and I don’t figure I can pardon him. I was humiliated when I showed up in Cape Coast, and everyone was accusing me and throwing oppressive language at me for being liable for the appointment of Kwabena Agyapong. 

I need to concede my error since I thought he was a fine man who will show improvement over his ancestors, however I didn’t have the foggiest idea why he permitted a few people in the gathering to control him… ” 

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong says he has never been so despondent as the day the party’s General Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong double-crossed him by taking one-sided choices in regards to party matters. 

As per the Assin Central MP, after transparently crusading for Kwabena Agyapong – during the approach the gathering’s congress where National Executives were chosen – with the expectation that he would have been a principled member, the NPP’s Chief Scribe has preferably demonstrated to be more terrible off over his forerunner. 

Communicating his failure in Mr Agyapong on “Ade Akye Abia” on Okay Fm, the Assin Central MP asked why two heads out of nine (9) could take choices without plan of action to different members; subsequently making pointless strain in the gathering and making a few NPP activists read implications into their activities. 

To him, the General Secretary and National Chairman, Paul Afoko, since they were chosen into office, have shown helpless authority characteristics in the organization of everyday issues of the party. 

Mr. Agyapong singularly chose to ask Deputy Communications Director Perry Okudzeto (who was going about as Communications Director of the Party) to continue on leave. He accordingly selected new Deputy Directors of Communication for the party without speaking with the National Executive Committee (NEC) and the Steering Committee of the NPP. 

Before that, he hosted attempted to evacuate the party’s Director of Finance and Administration, Kwadjo Opare Hammond, from office for supposed misappropriation of assets. 

Whiles yielding that a few demonstrations of misappropriation of the Party’s monies have happened (under the organization of the past heads), Ken Agyapong focused on that he can’t comprehend the justification behind these disliked activities embraced particularly by the General Secretary, including that he feels truly humiliated and sold out in the wake of resting his certainty and trust in him (Kwabena Agyapong). 

“What was the reason for the question and answer session sorted out by Kwabena Agyapong and Paul Afoko? What was he attempting to do? 

You have sacked your money fellow and the facts demonstrate that they stole the assets and they can’t deny that reality, however for what reason didn’t they appoint motivations to it when they sack them than to hold question and answer sessions to clarify their activities; this implies they realize they have accomplished something which isn’t right and they need to legitimize themselves… 

Approaching Perry Okudzeto to leave office for another party member to take over is anything but a poorly conceived notion, yet the strategy they utilized wasn’t right,” he raged.

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