Our tongues like scrumptious things and our stomach likes to be filled. A few nourishments are eaten raw while others should be very much cooked. Regardless of their state before being ingested, some don’t have a place together no matter how incredible they taste together. They will in general be noxious because of the concoction mixes they contain, responding with others would create a harmful compound. In some cases the impact wouldn’t show following eating them, it might take some time or may require ceaseless setting off simply like malignancy. Some hinder stomach related procedures and lead to stomach ache, sickness, fatigue and difficulty to eliminate waste, in some cases making you lethargic.

Here Are 5 Poisonous Food Combinations;

Food And Juice Or Water. This is one of the risky ones. Your food needs a particular acidic environment to digest, taking in water while eating dilutes the acid produced in your stomach, making it nearly impossible for digestion to take place.

Mint and Aerated Drink. Taking them together in their correct extents produces cyanide, which is poisonous for the human body.

Taking Two or More High Protein Foods At The Same Time. Say bacon and eggs, or hotdog with eggs, these are exceptionally basic nourishments we ingest here and there on everyday schedule, except these are high protein sources. This squeezes the stomach related framework and sets aside a longer effort to process.

Tea and Curd. Both are acidic and concurrent utilization of both can harm your digestive system.

Watermelon And Water. Waterlemon should be left alone, this is on the grounds that it as of now has enough water in it, so including additional water would meddle with its digestion.

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