When the love of your life leaves you.

It is written that every good person will experience broken heart, and it is true…

Almost anyone who had loved truly, with every flesh of their heart, had gotten broken-heart served to them in the end.

For some people, this rejection leads to dejection. As the one who meant the world to them and beyond, suddenly disappear leaving their hearts wrecked like the titanic, or perhaps even more wrecked!

Some, go to the extreme end, trying to end their lives altogether!

Some throw love into the refuse dump and refuse to love again, just because they were dumped. Some even refuse to eat.

Some become bitter and wish that their once-upon-a-time-lover be served with chilled kar.ma, to never find happiness in love and in life again…

But, that is not the purpose of a broken-heart.

The truth is that, broken heart is not there to make you bitter but to make you better. It doesn’t happen to seal your heart towards love, but to “break” your heart and open it to more wholesome and pure form of love.

Your heart breaks, to alert you to apply “brakes” in your love life. To be wise enough to not love anyone more than you love your own self!

Your heart breaks, to remind you, how feeble it is. And to also remind you about the need to jealously guard it completely, by not loving “by-heart” but by being guided by your conscience even in love.

Broken-heart and its accompanied betrayals and disappointments are not there to put you down. Rather, they’re the biggest motivation there is, if you truly understand.

So, when next someone breaks your heart. Mix the disappointment with the betrayal and add ginger, and allow it to ginger you to work hard to become the best version of yourself.

They’ve broken your heart today. But never give them the pleasure, to say years to come, that leaving you was the best decision they took.

Polish yourself and become that diamond, that was rejected by the builders!

~Mudassir Firdaws.

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