Story Behind Kidi’s son.

Dennis Nana Dwamena popularly know as Kidi, in  recent times has been seen with a boy of about 3 years. The question everyone keeps asking is who the mother of the boy is and if he is truely the father of that boy. We found out that, Zane Nana Boadi Dwamena is the son of famous musician Kidi, who in his early twenties had an intimate relationship with Van Alst, the mother of the child.

Kidi and son.

At the time these two were in a relationship, Van Alst was said to have been in other intimate relationships and so, when she had her son he was given to another one of her lovers with the reason being that Dennis did not have enough money to look after baby Zane and left Ghana to live abroad for the time being. The lady whose age is not confirmed but was revealed that is older than Kidi, got information on how well the artiste is doing in the music industry and decided to come clean on the fact that Zane belongs to Dennis Nana Dwamena.

Van Alst in both pictures

Kidi has taken responsibility in looking after the child and effortlessly shows it as part of his “Brand”. Like having his hair trimmed with a “Z” cut and on his hit Shuga album, the last track was dedicated to his son as Zee Skit. 

Superstar in his “z

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