Our Police Commander In Mango Ase Defecate In The Bush-K.K.Fosu.

The people of Mango Ase are very angry today which led to serious demonstration by the elders and youth of the village.

The people of Mango Ase did this demonstration because of how poor and scatter their roads are.

The demonstration was Led by K.K Fosu who is a high life musician. According to K.K Fosu the people of his locality are suffering a lot in terms of social amenities.

The people of Mango Ase says they are not going to vote for any political party unless their poor roads are been fixed.

K.K.Fosu speaking with Kofi Adoma on Angel TV news said there are a lot of things they need as a town but he can’t air it because is very shameful.

K.K.Fosu who is a great musician in Ghana said the people are not having a good place to ease themselves for that reason the police commander ease himself in the bush.

He was asked by Kofi Adoma that is it true about the station office easing himself in the bush but K.K Fosu insisted that is true.

K.K.Fosu also pleaded with the government that their village are part of the leading villages in Ghana that produce more farm stuffs for Ghanaians. He is therefore pleading with the government to take quick action otherwise the people of Mango Ase are not going to cast their vote this year.

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